Amanda Axelsson is your go-to gal for living  a balanced life and making better choices in fitness, health and beauty. Offering semi-private personal training sessions and one-on-one personal training sessions @ Cape May Fitness Center in Cape May, New Jersey. She also teaches various classes in the local area and offers in-home personal training.  Find her at one of her favorite yoga studios Cape May Yoga teaching her super fun class of yoga/pilates/barre in "yoga bootcamp."

Having recovered from numerous injuries, Amanda is confident that she can help others avoid the same mistakes that she made. Amanda has worked her way from the couch up to triathlons and half-marathons in the past, acquiring knowledge all along the way. She especially recognizes the the disastrous effects of overtraining or under-training for that matter and being conscious of the body's condition. 

BALANCE is Amanda's favorite word and how she lives her life day to day. The importance of eating clean, organic, non-GMO, etc. does NOT outweigh the importance of that bowl of ice cream or glass of wine. Make healthier choices in all aspects of your life, from cosmetics to cleaning products to cheese (yes, because good quality cheese matters!) As a Beautycounter representative, she offers high performing, safer cosmetics and skin care to her friends, family, and clients, always encouraging the use of less toxic ingredients. 

Amanda is an NASM Certified Personal Trainer and a graduate of Stockton University. She graduated in 2013 with a Bachelors of Science in Public Health and a minor in Holistic Health. She is currently working toward her nutrition coaching certificate by Precision Nutrition. 

If interested in the services she offers, please contact her via email: or cellphone: 609.780.4078


  "I had six months to look amazing in a very tight fitting wedding gown when I started training with Amanda. I had worked out before but not consistently and never with a trainer.  I knew I needed motivation to stick to a workout plan and having Amanda to hold me accountable was exactly what I needed. 

    Amanda is always so positive and encouraging during my workouts. She comes prepared with my workout specific for me and my goals.

     My wedding day was truly the best day ever, I looked the best I ever have and felt amazing. Amanda was able to help me achieve my goals which were weight loss and toning. Though my wedding is over I will continue to train with Amanda because I love her energy and her ability to help me to stay focused on my goals."

- Lauren Pavese, 2018

Schedule @ Cape May Fitness Center

North Cape May, New Jersey

Package FAQ

++ Semi-Private Training Sessions

(Max 6 people per session, One Hour, Personalized, Schedule subject to change per season, Team effort, Encouraging)

-- $180 for 8 sessions per month package
(gym membership required, sessions expire every month)
-- $240 for 12 sessions per month package
(gym membership required, sessions expire every month)
-- $250 for 10 sessions PASS package
(gym membership NOT required, sessions DO NOT expire)

+++ Private Training Sessions

(One Hour, Personalized, One-on-One, YOU pick a time slot)

-- $450 for 10 sessions package or $225 for 5 session package
(ONE person max PRIVATE, gym membership required, sessions DO NOT expire)

-- $600 for 10 sessions package or $300 for 5 session package
(TWO people max, gym membership required, sessions DO NOT expire)

*** All clients receive special gym membership pricing @ CMFC. Please contact for more information. 

Schedule @ Cape May Yoga

Cape May, New Jersey

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